Motorcycle dies when choke is off

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Motorcycle dies when choke is off

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I have a Yamaha XS I want to tune my carbs yes, I know that the B34s are notorious for being lean in the first place. I have attempted adjusting the pilot screw, which did alleviate the popping symptoms and gave me a much smoother ride at 25 mph.

In order to truly tune my carb, I want a better understanding of the symptoms of lean vs the symptoms of rich. Terms often used are: Stuttering Hesitating Running Rough etc etc. In your post you indicate that some of the symptoms you have read are contradictory.

I will try and clarify between the two conditions and attempt to give you guidelines in troubleshooting between the two. Pilot Circuit - small effect on idle. Higher effect at lower RPM's with decreasing effect to full throttle.

Main Jet - Wide open. Fuel is metered through the main by the jet needle at different throttle positions. Choke circuit - Initiated by a valve or butterfly that increases the vacuum and opens the circuit up. Cold starting and warm up. Wide open throttle yields no power. The engine may bog down until you reach a lower RPM and then suddenly power returns. Runs better at higher altitudes - AFR becomes normalized due to reduced atmospheric pressure allowing fuel into the venturi easier.

Backfires - Popping on deceleration for a lean idle circuit or backfires in general. Runs on choke - The vehicle may run on choke when it's warm but stalls if the choke is turned off. Engine runs hot - Due to more oxygen than fuel combustion temperatures are hotter reflecting on a temp gauge.

Hanging idle - The engine idles high and then drops and stalls. Typically a lean condition caused by an air leak between the butterfly and the head or a vacuum line that is not attached.

Sharp Odor - The exhaust smell may be sharp and burn your nose. This is NOx or Nitrogen Oxide. It's created by high temperatures in the combustion process between nitrogen and oxygen. Although NOx is present in all exhaust it can be more pronounced in higher combustion temperatures associated with lean conditions with more oxygen.

Reduced Fuel Mileage - Your using more fuel per cycle so your mileage becomes worse. Rough Idle - Combustion takes a just a bit longer with more fuel and at lower RPM's the engine can idle rough. Unlike a miss-fire on a spark plug this idle seems fine if the idle is turned up just a bit. Spark Plugs Black - Carbon buildup on insulator and electrodes of plug.

Wipes off your finger as sooty and back.

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Carbon is a conductor of electricity and getting considerable carbon buildup from a rich condition with ground the inner electrode down the positive insulator. When this condition occurs there will be no spark. You can clean the sparkplug with carburetor cleaner and re-use.

Exhaust Exit is Black and Sooty - Excessive carbon buildup in the exhaust is thick and overly grimy. A properly jetted carburetor will leave a nice grey scale color in the end of the exhaust pipe. Odor of unburned fuel - In cases of a very, very rich mixture you may smell some unburned fuel coming out of your exhaust. This could be due to a grounded out sparkplug from too much carbon buildup preventing the combustion process in a cylinder or so much fuel that combustion is not occurring.

Runs better with more air - If you remove your air filter and the engine begins to run a bit better with more oxygen in the mix it is likely you have a rich condition.Saleh Md. Hassan February 10, Many of you surely have experienced the difficulties of starting a cold engine or bike early in the morning. In such case most of the bikers are very well known about the part of the bike which helps to make the cold engine starting job easy in the morning and that is motorcycle choke.

First making the term clear the choke is the essential part of the carburetor fitted bikes. In carburetor fitted bikes the air-fuel mixture composed and feed the engine mechanically or somewhat manually.

And in such mechanical technology motorcycle carburetor choke presence is mandatory. It plays its roll to make instant rich air-fuel mixture to deal with environmental and temperature issues. Motorcycle choke is nothing but a pulling lever attached with the carburetor. It may have attached directly with carburetor or may have set on handle bar or on front panel but connected with the carburetor with a cable.

Wherever the lever has set it directly operates a valve of carburetor and the full assembly called as choke. In early days it was somewhat essential pulling the choke lever out for starting a cold engine. It was quite necessary pulling the choke in the morning to start a cold engine.

In summer I may not need so frequently but in winter sometimes it needed pulling the lever every time when starting. Therefore whatever the time or weather it needed to start a cold engine the question is, what is the reason or what is the purpose of choke?

And what the roll it plays on starting a cold engine? Yes choke lever directly increases the fuel ratio in air-fuel mixture. In carburetor chock lever operates a valve or gate to control air or fuel to rich the fuel in the mixture. The chock lever mechanism works to increase fuel or decrease the air ratio in the supply.

motorcycle dies when choke is off

Thus the chock instantly riches the air-fuel mixture and helps to quick ignition in cold engine. So that is the purpose or roll of a chock lever.Search Forums Recent Posts. Search Media New Media. Log in or Sign up.

Yamaha XS Forum. Enjoy XS Consider making a donation to help support the site. Hey Facebook people We've created a group for XS Check it out! Donate Facebook Group. Tags: carburetors electrical.

Nov 6, 1. New tank, new fuel system and carbs have been cleaned and rebuilt recently with stock internals. No upgrades just bone stock carbs. New battery, replaced round fuses with contemporary plug in fuses.

Bike finally runs on the choke but runs like crap. Rough on idle, when I tap the throttle bike dies. When I take off the choke bike dies. If I leave the choke on and let the bike get warm it runs for a bit and then slowly dies. When trying to ride it hesitates and then jumps to life and then hesitates, sounds like left side backfires.

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Sounds like its not getting The proper spark. And the plugs look completely different for each cylinder. The left spark plug is fouled, has a black film on it and smells of un burnt fuel. The right one is fairly clean and electrode on end is white in color. Where in the world do I start on this project.

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I'm not mechanically brilliant I'm just stubborn, won't quit, understand most shop manuals and some combustion basics with cars. Nov 7, 2.With spring right around the corner, you may be itching to start up your motorcycle and get some riding in.

However, you start it up on choke and everything is fine until you turn the choke off, and the engine dies. What gives? This is a classic symptom of a partially or fully clogged pilot jet.

This circuit delivers fuel for idle, and has the smallest passages found in carburetors. Another sign of a pilot jet starting to get clogged up is a longer time for engine to warm up on choke. Can I just pour some magic stuff in the gas to help clean it out?

You are going to have to take the carbs all apart and clean them. Regular carb clean spray is the easiest to start with. I like Berryman Chemtool. If you need something stronger, try Berryman Chemdip. This is for soaking parts.

WHY your motorcycle only runs on CHOKE

Lastly my favorite, soda blast and ultrasonic cleaning. Once you have the motorcycle up and running, you will need to tune the idle mixture.

Hey Matt, I have an 81 Harley my friend is letting me use. Last night, all the gas flowed out from the tube coming from the bottom of the float bowl. I just purchased a Hyosung GT If I touch the choke or throttle it dies. If i let it idle for 30 seconds it dies. Hey Matthew, I just bought a 79 cb and I rebuilt the carbs 3 times, soaked every part in carb cleaner 3 times, used a rebuild kit for the seals and stuff, air hoses all the small holes, but it still only runs on choke.

I want to try everything before I spend and a month of waiting to get a new one. Do you have any suggestions?

How to Fix 5 Common Issues on Older Bikes

Just completed a carb re-build on My Honda cbf using your video. The bike idles With the choke on but reves up With the choke open. Recently, it started to me some torubles. I am wondering If I can give it a try with your video. I usually do only air filter and Oil filter changes. Hi Have a Lexmoto arizona can go start her up anytime first time However when going up the gears have to run on a bit of choke otherwise bogs down Help.

I just got an 81 Suzuki GST.

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Cleaned the carbs twice, new fuel, no vaccume leaks. IT will only run on choke. Set float hight to factory settings, all carbs are synced, petcock functions properly, blah blah. What am I missing here? All is clear.I have a Honda Shadow Sabre.

It has been sitting for a while with stabalizer and now will start at full choke and idle, but dies as soon as I try to turn off the choke or touch the gas. I left it running for about 15 minutes thinking it just had to warm up because it was down so long, but that didn't work. Drain all the old fuel from the tank. Put in some fresh fuel and add an appropriate amount of Sea Foam. Start the bike and let it idle and let the Sea Foam clean things out a bit.

I think you have an air leak. Spray some WD40 around the carb and intake while the bike is running, if the idle speeds up or slows down you have a leak. You have some kind of gunk in the carb jets remove the carb and clean out the jets with a small pin very carefully,and spray the carb with carb cleaner. If the motorbike is already working and you placed the choke on, it quite is meant to the two idle particularly intense the die, or merely idle down and die.

motorcycle dies when choke is off

Hey there! Someone in my twitter feed shared this link so I came to look it over. I'm definitely loving the information.

Nissan frontier idle relearn procedure

I'm bookmarking and will be tweeting it to my followers! Trending News. Photo of Ted Cruz on a plane with no mask goes viral. Hosting shakeup on 'Dancing With the Stars'. States extend unemployment while Congress debates. Grant Imahara, 'Mythbusters' co-host, dies at All eyes are on Disney World following its reopening.

Praising coach Nick Saban, Trump calls him 'Lou'. Trump turns focus to Obama after coronavirus question. Any ideas? Answer Save. Favorite Answer. If this doesn't clear it up, then you may need to pull the carb s and clean them. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Edg1 Lv 7. If you have a fuel filter-change it. Still have questions?

Carb Cleaning Methods

Get your answers by asking now.I have a Kawasaki Ninja I just got a jet kit installed on it, and picked it up. It runs fine when the choke is off, but when i try to turn the choke on, it dies. My fuel is on and i can still see gas in the tank.

motorcycle dies when choke is off

Whats up with that? A "choke" is just what it says, it is choking the motor of air. Hence the name "choke". Once the bike is warmed up and you engage the choke you are limiting the amount of air the engine is getting and will cause it to ultimately shut off. You're supposed to turn the key, wait 60 seconds, then turn the choke on, then start the bike. If the bike is already running and you put the choke on, it is supposed to either idle really high the die, or just idle down and die.

I've seen both. It should die when the choke is on. I have a Ninja zx-6r and if yours is anything like mine, I know the manual doesn't really explain it other then saying to use it for cold starting, but basically, like the others have told you there is too much fuel being dumped into the carb causing it to drown, same effect as breathing in water The choke is only for starting. There is no reason to use it after the bike is warmed up. The reason its shutting down is because when you pull the choke on you are cutting back the air and its getting too much fuel and trying to flood itself out.

The choke is only used to get the bike started and to warm it up to temperature, once your throttle starts responding quickly turn the choke off and you are good to go. Depending on how warm it is outside you may not need the choke at all. Cause you don't need to choke it after it is running. The carbs are getting too much fuel and causing it to die. Trending News. Photo of Ted Cruz on a plane with no mask goes viral. Hosting shakeup on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

States extend unemployment while Congress debates. Grant Imahara, 'Mythbusters' co-host, dies at All eyes are on Disney World following its reopening.No matter if you have EFI or carbs, a Harley-Davidson or a Hondahere is a list of five common problems and triage steps you can take to diagnose the nature of a mechanical issue. Up until very recently, most bikes have had at least two cables that can go bad and cause headaches: the throttle, and clutch cables.

The clutch cable is far sneakier and creeps into your perception as perceived clutch slippage. What really happens is that it moves less and less inside the sheath and eventually the cable and sheath as a whole start to fuse into one nasty mass that overpowers the return spring.

The three main causes of cable woes are wrong routing — it's too short after changing handlebars or crashing and, most often, not properly maintained. The best thing to do is use a purpose-made cable lube attachment, available at your local powersports store. Still, in a real pinch, a cable that has recently stuck can, most times, be salvaged by:.

Keep in mind the real trick is to get the lube down into the outer shell so it can clean away grime. If all else fails you can try riding without the clutch. Naturally, the first thing you want to do is get safely out of the roadway. If the battery is OK, these are the steps to take:. First, make sure there is gas in the tank and the petcock is set to On, Reserve, or Prime. Riders with more modern motorcycles will have no idea what a petcock is, but it's worth making sure your bike isn't equipped with such a thing.

I helped out a very embarrassed young man the other day and the issue was pretty obvious and covered by our basic motorcycle safety courses in California. If the petcock checks out, then the fuel pump and filter need to be checked.

Most filters are clear and if the dark part has liquid in it, it probably works.

What Is Motorcycle Choke & Its Purpose?

Pumps can be tested by putting a finger on them and clicking the ignition from off to on. If there is no click, check the fuses. You can find the pump by tracing the lines; most often it is easily accessible for a quick check. You have to actually look.

On newer, emissions-controlled motorcycles, I see a lot of cases where the bike runs out of power and stalls. Once pulled over, they restart OK, then stall again 3 miles later. In these cases, try running with the gas cap open! Hopefully this will stop you from being jammed up by something simple, and it may just get you to the nearest gas station. For carburetors that suddenly show signs of being in a rich condition, gently whacking the bottom of the carbs to make sure the floats tiny little pieces that control gas flow like the rubber piece in the back of your toilet are free.

Also check that the choke cable works. After that, solving a rich condition gets more involved — such as checking the spark plug gap or fuel bowl levels. A key clue is that the issue gets better as the bike warms up. Extremely lean motors can also stall out completely when given some light throttle. First, start simple and look for a loose or open vacuum hose. If it is, lean running is the No.

For EFI, much of the old-fashioned carburetor malarky is done away with.

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Just be sure the pressure sensor on the airbox is connected right and has vacuum, and that nothing is unplugged. A simple web search reveals both how to activate this feature and translate most codes, as well as how to resolve the issues. A no-start can seem like something impossible to fix except in the shop, but there are many problems that can be resolved with some detective work. First, ensure the battery is good and that the engine turns over.


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